Complaint and Accomodation Letters

Complaint Letter
Dear Sir/Madam,
Your company has been serving me for approximately two years now and I
have always enjoyed the services that you offer since I have never
missed a flight, whenever I am going on a business trip. The cabs that
you offer are always satisfying on the road since they are comfortable.
However, I want to express my experience on 6th September, 2013
regarding your company.
On 6th September, 2013, I had booked a cab with your company as usual
and I was expecting the driver to pick me at exactly 1 pm since I wanted
to catch the 2 pm flight for my business trip. By 1 p.m., the driver of
the cab that was supposed to pick me had not turned up and I was forced
to wait with doubts not knowing at what time the driver will turn up.
After waiting for approximately half an hour, the driver showed up and
picked me from my house. Because I was in doubts as to whether the
driver in your company was going to show up, I had already contacted
another taxi company and the driver of the company turned up at the
exact time, when your driver showed up. Because your company has never
let me down before, I opted to use your services however, I had to pay
the other taxi driver because he had already turned up.
I enjoyed the trip to the airport, but I almost missed my flight. When
the taxi driver was driving me to the airport, he explained to me why he
was late and it turned out that he was late because he had gone for
lunch at the time that he was supposed to pick me up. Having faced this
problem, I will not ask for any monetary compensation for the amount
paid to the other taxi driver from another company, but will suggest
that you hire more drivers in order to improve your services in future
and train them accordingly so as not to cause inconvenience to other
people. I am hoping that you will consider my expression in order to
make your services better and always reliable.
Yours Faithfully,
David Marcus.
Adjustment Letter
Dear David Marcus,
We have received your letter concerning your experience on 6th
September, 2013. We sincerely regret for the inconveniencies caused by
our driver. We have just hired new drivers in order to make our services
better, but we have noted with a lot of concern that the new drivers
require training in order to provide services with punctuality and
efficiency. We have already organized a training program for the
drivers, and we are glad to receive your letter since we will use it in
the training of our drivers. Therefore, we are grateful for your
suggestion of training our drivers and we want to assure you that this
was already planned in our program. On the other hand, in your letter,
you had suggested that we hire more drivers in order to improve our
services. We want to assure you that we now have enough drivers
emanating from our last hire that we made last month. We are sure that
after the new drivers receive training they will be capable of carrying
out their duties more efficiently. Besides, in order to enhance our
services, we have acquired a contact center for our customers customers
can now contact us through 800-555-0880.
Customer Service Department
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