Instructor`s Journal Entries

1. Shooting Dad by Sarah Vowell
Sarah`s father has extreme fascination for firearms which has left Sarah struggling for a real relationship with her biological father. Sarah does not seem to relate with her father`s points of view concerning politics. Sarah`s likes are not paralleled to her father`s. The gap between Sarah and her father continued to widen when her twin sister followed the love of her father for guns.
2. Orange Crush by YiYun Li
The story of Orange Crush is about Chinese families` condition after the US started importing Fruit Treasure to their nation. Li is eager to know how the fruit treasure tastes like. Each time Li experiences the urge to try the taste of fruit treasure her father is always in opposition and would tell her that buying such fruit would only be an added expenditure.
3. My Face by Robert Benchley
The article is about the author`s depiction of his appearance. Benchley is an amiable being. He embodies all human traits that seemed normal but disturbing. Benchley criticizes his appearance. He made a description of his self-consciousness and sought out for flaws in his appearance. Benchley expressed extreme concern in the way he looked.
4. Araby by James Joyce
The story talks about a boy who desires to escape and adventure into the world. During the nineteenth century era, people in Europe, North Africa, Middle East, and Near east, represented decadence, escapism, exotic lights, as well as a luxurious sensuality. The boy in the story has some erotic longing for the girl and wished to give her a romantic gift.
5. Celebrating the Pity of Brotherly Love by Andrew Krull
In this story, the author shared his experiences and thoughts growing up as a younger brother. The author talked about how he was treated and honed to become the person he is at present. He cited how his brothers bullied him yet were still there for him when he needed them.
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